Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Early Lighthouse Reports

Early Lighthouse Reports

a One lighthouse used their list to invite neighbors to a barbeque at their place – just to get acquainted!
a One reports that they are planning a “Soup Night” where neighbors can drop in for a mug of fresh made soup.
a Another reports that they use their list when they walk for exercise, and then pray by name as they pass neighbors homes. This helps them learn names and connect them to the homes they live in.
a One has highlighted their closest neighbors on the list and added spouse and children’s names that they know and started praying by name for them too.

Tips on using your neighborhood prayer list:

a Place your list in a place that will allow you to see it and use it often.
a Choose who you want to pray for ~ and pray at least once every week.
a Make corrections, fill in any gaps, add spouse, children, pets... ages, etc. It can get messy – and that’s great!
a Let the guide help you learn names. Use their names whenever you see neighbors.



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