Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Missional Church Network

The Missional Church Network

Summer Concert of Prayer Season Kicked off.

New Life Assembly of God hosted our first Summer Concert of Prayer - a powerful time of worship through song and prayer!

2 Chronicles 7:14 and Acts 1:8 were keystone texts guiding us in thanksgiving, repentance, revival, personal ministry and mission to our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth.

Pastor Roger Scantlin and praise team under the leadership of Lori Scantlin had a powerful anointing and led flawlessly as worship in song kicked us off and wove through each section of united prayer.

Prayers were offered to the throne individually, in twos and small groups and then as a whole at appropriate times throughout the work of the evening.

Koerner Heights, Grace Community, First Mennonite, The Journey and New Life Assembly were all represented in a show of Christian unity that the Lord would love.

After the work of the evning, I asked a first time attender how he liked it. "Ok" was his reply as he had no words to describe it. Then I asked him, "Do you think we knocked on heaven's doors tonght?" "Yes, definately," was his reply! Again I asked, "Do you think this was the kind of work that the Holy Spirit would like to come be a part of?" "Yes" he said nodding his head repeatedly.

It truly was! Praise the Lord for allowing us to come together, and worship Him through such an important work for His work in our region.

We have a Sunday night concert planned in August, date to be announced, probably the last Sunday of the month.


Blogger Timothy Conner said...

I forgot to mention... The Harvey County Homeless Shelter was also represented at the Concert!

5:05 AM  

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