Monday, July 30, 2007

Uniting For The Harvest… X-Fest Hits Skate Park Target Beautifully

Uniting For The Harvest…

Eight churches, fifteen businessmen and five community agencies united to deliver a compelling message of hope at the Newton Skate Park ~ and forty-six responded by trusting Jesus as the leader of their lives. This is exciting news!

But there’s more:

The next weekend, five of those churches shared inter-racial and cross-denominational worship and communion in a community service at the Park. Three of these churches have united to share a full time youth pastor and reach out to the young people in our community. Two of them are sharing a single VBS. Wow!

In this place for this generation . . .

Many congregations, traditions, denominations and customs working together: this is the Missional Church Network. This is you and me serving side by side, hand in hand and heart to heart in this place and for this generation in Jesus’ name.

The Lighthouse Project

As all this is happening, 197 people from seven of these congregations in the Newton area are starting to pray for their neighbors by name and lay the foundation for relationships that can have eternal blessings as “Lighthouses” in their neighborhood. Project is such a passive word. It’s really more of a movement. Movement implies motion, direction, and in the case of the Lighthouse Project, a strategy for Kingdom Growth. Projects come and go. Movements lead permanent lifestyle shifts!


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