Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Missional Church Network

The Missional Church Network

"This is a really rare thing," and "You guys don't know how much this means to me," and "Its so good to be able to know and work together with you all," are some of the comments alongside "sure, another pepsi would be great!" and "the dip is so good Lisa."

Six pastoral couples gathered at our home last Friday to cook out and eat good in the neighborhood - and get better connected to one another as we share the work of shepherds in our community. What a great evening! One couple even came on their anniversary and celebrated their special day with other shepherds. Blessings abounding.

Networking is a good thing. The food is great too!

On the horizon: coordinated web calendar, and a listing of share-able resources, curriculum, etc.


Blogger Timothy Conner said...

Shared in discussion at the gathering were three questions:
1. For the guys: what are your real passions?
2. For the gals: what has been the best advice you have received or can give on being a pastor's wife?
3. For each partner to share on the other: what you would like others to know about your husband, wife...

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