Thursday, October 04, 2007

Canning Hunger Launches November 2007

Speed the Kingdom and learn more about your neighborhood on a Saturday morning than you have in years living there. “Canning Hunger” will open connections with neighbors ~ in a way that’s natural and comfortable ~ while doing what America expects the church to be doing: helping alleviate poverty and hunger.

We’ve started by praying. Now move into caring. Hang a Canning Hunger Door Hanger on homes close to ours. Then, we return to knock on each door, introduce ourselves, and repeat the message on the hanger.

Neighbors we’ve never met are receptive and cheerful. You collect the food, and take it to church. It’s comfortable on both ends.

The process is repeated in several months, and after a third visit, neighbors feel comfortable enough in your gradually developing relationship that up to two thirds would be willing to share a prayer request. At that moment, the relationship changes.

We can now pray and respond and follow-up on a one-to-one level in whatever way is comfortable. This simple process will open connections to meaningful conversation about spiritual things ~ in a natural, comfortable way.

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Blogger Dan K. said...

I am looking to start a canning hunger ministry in my local church community. Did you contact the CH ministry to get started or did you do it on your own? Thanks for any feedback you might be able to give, Dan K. (

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